Paris – e-Learning – GM Liaison & Diversion & GM Reconnect V7

Course Access: Lifetime
Course Overview

If you are unsure which Paris training you need to complete, please raise a call by clicking here

Who is it for?

This course is for staff from the GM Liaison & Diversion Service and GM ReConnect Service only.

What does it cover?

It covers searching for and adding new service users, referrals, progress notes and care documents. The course content is tailored around the roles and responsibilities for GM Liaison & Diversion and GM Reconnect staff and provides the basic skills & knowledge to navigate, search and record information correctly on the Paris system.

 How do I complete this course?

To complete this course you will need to complete your Information Governance training, view all the e-learning modules and Pass the Fair Warning and Paris Assessment.

 You will then need to click the link in the form to provide details of the Paris account required.

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