Your Safety Comes First

We are pleased to let you know that from Monday 31 January 2022, the restrictions on wearing a face-mask and two metres social distancing in all GMMH non-clinical settings are being lifted for staff who are fully vaccinated.

In recognition of the fact that we cannot know the vaccination status of all students we will:


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Ensure social distancing of at least one metre at all times – this includes when sitting at tables and walking around.
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Encourage people to wear a mask if they want to but especially if they are not vaccinated.  ALL GMMH STAFF AND VOLUNTEERS WHO ARE NOT CURRENTLY VACCINATED MUST WEAR A MASK.
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Encourage everyone to wash their hands regularly and use the hand sanitiser provided.
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Keep windows and doors open where possible to let any COVID particles out into the air.

Every training venue has been risk assessed and each room we use has a maximum occupancy. If you wish to see a copy of any of our risk assessments please e-mail:

This means that if you attend a course and have not received a confirmation of place e-mail from us, we will not be able to allow you to participate. This is because the number of people in the room will exceed capacity and it will not be safe.

You will also notice that some of our usual venues are not listed for this term. We are sad about this too but some venues were simply not large enough to accommodate us safely.

If you have any questions or queries at all, please do not hesitate to get in touch at / 0161 358 1771. We understand that your anxiety levels may be higher than usual. Ours are too. Let’s talk about it, support and look after one another, and we will get through this.

We hope you enjoy your course. If you do have any special requirements that you have not told us about online, please get in touch at / 0161 358 1771.

If you are no longer able to attend your course, you will need to cancel your booking. To cancel your booking, return to the course page and select ‘Cancel’ from the booking information screen.

GMMH, in partnership with ORCHA, has launched a Health and Care Apps Library, which contains hundreds of independently reviewed apps to provide support for a wide range of concerns, including those that are COVID related. You can visit the library at

We can’t wait to see you!

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