Making Every Contact Count for Menopause

Physical wellbeing

Traditionally, menopause is viewed as a specialist medical and clinical condition. As a result, most people on the frontline of running support services or initiatives within the health system, the community, and workplaces, do not routinely ask about menopause.

Overcoming Sleep Problems

Physical wellbeing

Sleep affects our ability to sustain attention, and maintain performance and relationships. If we compromise on our sleep it can affect our mood and our mental health. Good sleep hygiene has been shown to not only have a positive effect on our mental wellbeing, but also protect our immune system and have benefits for our […]

Understanding Medication used to treat Mental Health Problems

Physical wellbeing

The feedback we receive from our service users and carers who use our clinical services tells us that they would like more information about the medication used to treat mental health and the terminology used as well as the side effects and ways to manage those side effects.

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