Ikigai Video Podcast – 1) An Introduction – Making Ikigai Work – NEW


There is no direct English translation of the Japanese word ‘ikigai’, but ikigai is a term that embodies the idea of happiness in living. In this first video podcast in the series, Kevin Scallon introduces us to ikigai. Kevin shares his own journey of discovering ikigai and his personal interpretation of its application.

Audio Tracks – Meditation Series


Meditation is the art of focusing on something (such as a picture, a sound, or our own breathing) to encourage attention, awareness, and achieve a mentally clear state. This series of 4 meditations, focuses on: Breath Meditation, Body Scan Meditation ,Compassion Meditation,  Visualisation Meditation.  These meditations were produced by Jess Stubbs (former GMMH NHS Foundation Trust employee)

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