Addiction – Self-help Resources (updated)

Addiction is a common problem, but help is available.

These resources provide help and support for addiction, including drug and gambling addictions.

  • Booklet 1GMMH Achieve Drug and Alcohol Recovery Service – Self-help workbook and diary

This self-help guide will help you look at your own drug or alcohol use and help you to make changes, if you want to. It is not an information leaflet. It is set out in a particular order so that you can work through your choices regarding your substance use.

  • Booklet 2GMMH Achieve Drug and Alcohol Recovery Service – A family concern

This looks at how substance misuse can affect family members and how family members can help.

  • Information sheet 1Addiction – What is it?

Different types of addiction, what causes addictions, how addictions can affect you, and getting help for addictions.

  • Information sheet 2Drug addiction – Getting help

Where to get help for drug addiction and what drug treatment involves, etc.

  • Information sheet 3Heroin addiction – Getting help

How to get treatment for heroin and other support for opiate addiction.

  • Information sheet 4Cocaine addiction – Getting help

Treatment which works for cocaine addiction.

  • Information sheet 5Advice for families of people who use drugs

Getting support for family and friends of people who use drugs.

  • Information sheet 6 Help for problems with gambling

Getting help for gambling-related harms.

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