Anxiety – Self-help Resources (updated)

These resources (booklet, information sheets and worksheets) will support you in gaining a greater understanding of anxiety and explore some ideas and strategies for managing anxiety.

  • Booklet 1Unwind your Mind – A guide on how to manage anxiety and worry

Learning how to manage the impact they have on your life.

This booklet is based on health and wellbeing guides originally created by the buzz Health and Wellbeing Service.

  • Information sheet 1Anxiety, fear, and panic

Information about the symptoms of anxiety, things you can try to help with anxiety, fear and panic, causes of anxiety and where to get NHS help.

  • Information sheet 2Social anxiety (social phobia)

Information about the symptoms of social anxiety, when to get help, things you can try to overcome social anxiety, and treatments for social anxiety.

  • Information sheet 3Generalised Anxiety Disorder (GAD)

Information on the psychological symptoms, physical symptoms, causes, diagnosis, treatment, and self-help.

  • Information sheet 4Panic Disorder

Information on the symptoms, treatment, things you can try for yourself, complications and causes.

  • Information sheet 5Phobias

Information on the symptoms, causes, treatment, self-help.

  • Information sheet 6Anxiety Disorders in Children

It’s normal for children to feel worried or anxious from time to time – such as when they’re starting school or nursery, or moving to a new area. But for some children, anxiety affects their behaviour and thoughts every day, interfering with their school, home and social life.

This is when you may need professional help to tackle it.

  • Information sheet 7Anxiety in Children

Just like adults, children and young people feel worried and anxious at times. But if your child’s anxiety is starting to affect their wellbeing, they may need some help.

  • Worksheet 1Worry time

Help for working through your worries and learning how to manage them better.

  • Worksheet 2The worry tree

Help for working through your worries, with tips and ideas on how to manage them better.

  • Worksheet 3Working through your worries

Techniques for working through your worries and learning how to manage them better.


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Completion certificates are not issued for self-help resources. However, if you need a certificate, please contact us.


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