Depression – Self-help Resources (updated)

Depression is a low mood that can last a long time or keep returning, affecting your everyday life

These resources (booklet, information sheets, and worksheets) will help you in gaining a greater understanding of depression and explore some strategies to manage it.

  • Booklet 1 – Improve your mood – A guide to managing low mood and depression

Understand low mood and depression and learn how to manage it.

This booklet is based on health and wellbeing guides originally created by the buzz Health and Wellbeing Service

  • Information sheet 1 – Depression in adults

Information about the symptoms of depression, causes, diagnosis and treatment.

  • Information sheet 2 – Psychotic depression

Information about the symptoms, causes and treatment for psychotic depression.

  • Information sheet 3 – Post-natal depression

Information on the symptoms, causes and treatments for post-natal depression as well as some myths about it.

  • Information sheet 4 – Depression in children and young people

Information on the signs of depression in children and young people, the causes of depression and when to get help.

  • Worksheet 1 – What keeps depression going?

Fill in the boxes on the worksheet about a situation when you felt depressed. Filling this in helps you see how your feelings, thoughts, behaviour and how your body feels are all linked, and can all affect each other.

  • Worksheet 2 – Changing behaviour planner

Use this planner to plan your time in advance so that you might be able to do more of what you enjoy, or have enjoyed in the past. This can improve your mood and how you feel about yourself.

  • Worksheet 3 – Negative automatic thoughts

This worksheet has information about the common patterns that unhelpful thoughts follow and can help you to recognise them.

  • Worksheet 4 – How to challenge negative automatic thoughts

This worksheet helps you challenge unhelpful thoughts before they have a negative effect on the things you do.


Please note:

Completion certificates are not issued for self-help resources. However, if you need a certificate, please contact the Recovery Academy.

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