Ikigai Video Podcast – 1) An Introduction – Making Ikigai Work

There is no direct English translation of the Japanese word ‘ikigai’, but ikigai is a term that embodies the idea of happiness in living.

Learn more about how the Japanese concept of ikigai could help you find your life worth, meaning or purpose.

In this first video podcast in the new series, Kevin Scallon from GMMH’s Spiritual Care Hub, introduces us to ikigai.

Kevin shares his own journey of discovering ikigai and his personal interpretation of its application.

In this first episode, we will hear about:

  • how you can explore ikigai for yourself,
  • the potential value of ikigai to your everyday life and wellbeing.
  • the 5 ‘Blue Zones’* – communities where people live significantly longer than average – and the link to ikigai.


Further episodes in the series will launch next term.


This video podcast was produced by Kevin Scallon, a volunteer at GMMH’s Spiritual Care Hub and Matthew Leonard from GMMH’s Adult Forensic Service.


GMMH staff can book 1-2-1 ikigai sessions with Kevin at the Spiritual Care Hub. For more information or to book a session, please email: spiritualcare@gmmh.nhs.uk


*The concept of Blue Zones grew from the demographic work Gianni Pes and Michel Poulain, and was built upon by Dan Buettner.

00:11:48 minute watch.


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