Ikigai Video Podcast – 2) Making Choices and Taking Action – NEW!

Continue learning more about Ikigai to help you make choices and take action towards a more meaningful and purposeful life.


In the second of the Ikigai video podcast series, Kevin Scallon from GMMH’s Spiritual Care Hub, talks about:

  • How he ‘found’ Ikigai
  • How there may already be elements of Ikigai in your life.

10:01 minute watch

Further episodes in the series will launch next term.


This video podcast was produced by Kevin Scallon, a volunteer at GMMH’s Spiritual Care Hub and Matthew Leonard from GMMH’s Adult Forensic Service.


The Ikigai video podcast series has been inspired by Csikszentmihalyi, M, 2002, Flow: The Psychology of Happiness – Rider Classics.


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