Making Menopause Matter Podcast – 2) How talking about the menopause helped

Host Lucy Burthem talks to Sarah.

We will hear Sarah discuss her lived experience of how the
menopause affected her home life, how appropriate medication has helped her menopausal symptoms and how she’s benefitted from Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT).


We will also hear Sarah talk about the challenges of recognising menopausal symptoms and the importance of talking to friends and family about how you’re feeling.

There are approximately 13 million peri- to post-menopausal women in the UK, all experiencing various signs and symptoms.

With 30 recognised symptoms, lasting from 4-8 years, it is vital that we raise awareness around the menopause and contribute to getting the conversations started and increasing access to support. This podcast series aims to do just that, as we will be joined by guests who share their personal experiences or knowledge and make menopause matter.


Podcast run time: 12:16 minutes


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