Opening Doors for Men

There has been a huge amount in the media recently about mental health in particular around men and mental health. We have seen great growth in the availability of male specific mental health support. But the discussion still focusses almost entirely on suicide and doesn’t focus much attention on the wider social impact of men suffering in silence with the mental health.

This course looks to develop knowledge about the social pressures men face, the role of masculinity and the difficulties in engaging men in mental health conversations, the wider impact of men not being able to talk about their mental health struggles, and finally the ways in which we can support men to talk about mental health.

By the end of the course, you will:

  • Understand the wider social impacts of men not feeling able to talk about their mental health
  • Understand the social pressures men face and how this often prevents them from seeking help
  • Describe the role of masculinity in preventing men seeking help
  • How to help men have a conversation about their mental health.


Date:  18 June 2024

Times:  10am to 4pm

Venue:  Start in Salford, Brunswick House, 62 Broad Street, Salford, Manchester M6 5BZ


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