Shared Reading Group – Updated

There is growing evidence to suggest shared reading can have a positive impact on mental health and wellbeing and it’s a fantastic way to share great literature.

Shared Reading takes place in a small group and is a great way to share a short story or poem in a supportive environment.

The group facilitator starts the session by reading aloud a short story or poem, with breaks in the reading to allow group members to discuss and share any thoughts and feelings they may have about the story.

Throughout sessions, there will be opportunities for group members to read parts of the story aloud. However, the idea of the group is to create a space where people feel relaxed and comfortable, and are able to contribute to the session without feeling any pressure to read aloud or to contribute to the discussion.

Sometimes just sitting and listening to the story can be as rewarding for some group members as contributing to the reading and discussion.


Dates:  30 August, 6, 13, 20 and 27 September 2024

Times:  10am to 12noon

Venue:  Break Out Room B, The Curve, Greater Manchester Mental Health NHS Foundation Trust, Bury New Road, Prestwich, Manchester M25 BL


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