Stress Management – Self-help Resources – NEW!

Explore our range of resources to help you manage stress and make positive changes.

Choose from booklets based on health and wellbeing guides originally created by the buzz Health and Wellbeing Service which offer advice and include tools to help you with stress-management, and resources produced by the Stress Management Society to mark Stress Awareness Month.


  • 5 Ways to Wellbeing

A guide to improving your mental wellbeing

  • From Distress to De-Stress

A guide to managing stress and its effects on your body.

  • Physical Activity and Low Mood

A guide to increasing your physical activity

  • 30-Day Challenge

With an electronically editable calendar included, you are able to track what commitments to your wellbeing you have chosen each day.

  • 30-Day Challenge – Hints, Tips, and Tricks

Further hints, tips and tricks about what you could commit to in your 30-day challenge!

  • Daily De-Stressing Planner

Use this resource to help you become more productive and feel better about the day ahead. Write your ‘to do’ list, prioritise, and align your thoughts.

  • Little by Little Journal

Utilise this resource to make one small commitment, track your progress, and how it is contributing to your wellbeing.


For some of the booklets, you’ll need:

  • A pen and maybe a notebook for extra notes
  • Time for reading and thinking about how you can help yourself
  • Somewhere quiet to read and think
  • To keep going and pace yourself by taking one step at a time
  • Support from a family member, friend or health professional, if needed.

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